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Hello Car Exporter,                                                                                                                                                                                     

Welcome to Car Export America, car trader’s professional “All Inclusive” solutions for car export worldwide! 

Car Export America is a car export partner of Car Shipping USA, Miami, Florida based international car shipping and car export company with 23 years of experience in international car trade. We are in business to assist car exporters and individual buyers from around the globe to buy a car in USA and export to anywhere in the world. We display 50,000 + cars, vehicles, trucks posted for sale by owners in South Florida and nearby U.S. East and West Coast States.

It is evident and well known fact that South East Florida region for years has been recognized as a car capital of the world where the most clean and rust free cars are with lowest prices in US. The most car manufacturers in US are located in the East Coast too. Shipping a car from Florida worldwide is also much more affordable than from any other US state like California where labor unions run ports and therefore shipping cost on average 10% higher to any worldwide destination.

From the moment we receive your car shipping quote to the shipping a car to you, we provide exceptional customer service, answer all your questions, consult on any car export subject. Once we locate your new car in our web site or elsewhere, we will take over from there, you just relax and we do the rest for you: we will verify seller, request additional car details, negotiate final sales price, prepare sales and purchase agreement, arrange car inspection, test drive, check bank liens, provide export documents: Bill of Sale, Title, Certificate of Origin, repairs if needed, parts, equipment installations, arrange car pick up from the seller and international shipping to your country and much more.

The advantage of our services is that we offer “all inclusive” car purchase package solution in US with all charges included. You basically receive your car landed in your home country for one flat rate. Our car buyers and car traders are well aware of total cost involved to import a car from US as we provide fast and accurate cost of all the charges well before he or she makes a final purchase decision.

Our specialty is: international car export, vehicle export, car transport, car delivery, car moving, ro-ro shipping, vehicle ground transportation, shipping insurance, CE Certification, car parts, equipment installation, car repair and more.

We’ve developed a unique method to pack and load a 3-4 cars inside standard 40’ HC container. This has become a popular and economical container shipping solution when multiple cars being packed and shipped inside the same container.

Car Export America employ the factory trained car technicians that have many years of experience and certifications. We can assure that your car will be properly prepared for shipping and taken care of with the highest level of service and care on the market.

We are not a traditional car brokerage and we work for a fee. We charge $5,000 per each car as export coordination fee if hired to buy a vehicle (which is listed on each Invoice we issue as “Car Export Coordination fee”) in case the buyer paid for the vehicle advertised for sale by owner, even if that car is sold, doesn’t exist or ad is fake. $5,000 export coordination fee is waived if the buyer finally purchased a car from us or elsewhere if we acted as buyers agent in that transaction. We always offer a solution to continue to find another car until found rather than charging a fee.

Our car shipping rates are extremely competitive, please take a moment to fill out our cart shipping form and one of our representatives will reply to you within 24-48 hours with accurate and current car shipping cost. Unlike other car export companies, we always provide “All Inclusive” car shipping rates with no hidden cost.

We are committed to providing the highest quality car export service at a reasonable cost. Our goal and philosophy is to build mutually beneficial relationships with our current and future clients for many years to come.


Car Export America Team


Services that we offer but not limited to:

International Car Export from USA to anywhere in the world Car container services (international shipping) Ro-Ro (Roll-on Roll-off) (international shipping) Car packing and loading inside container. Ocean freight purchase Car inland transportation Shipping insurance, freight insurance, marine insurance Original Invoice and Certificate of Origin Legalization Car repairs and parts CE certification and CE marking (EU car import requirements) Car cleaning, vacuum Container fumigation services Australian ISPM-15 packing

Ports we ship from:

Miami, FL, Jacksonville, FL, Savannah, GA, Brunswick, GA, Charleston, SC, Baltimore, MD, New York, NY, Houston, TX (Galveston, TX), Long Beach, CA.

Below is a quick overview for consolidated rates via NY, Countries we export to (most popular destinations):

1)      Dubai (Jebel Ali), UAE – $950 2)      Aqaba, Jordan – $1,050 3)      Hodeida, Yemen – $1,100 4)      Lagos (Port Tincan), Nigeria – $1,400 5)      Bremerhaven, Germany – $750 6)      Kotka, Finland – $950 7)      Poti, Georgia – $1,100 8)      Tema, Ghana – $1,000 (RO-RO) no consolidation 9)      St. Petersburg, Russia – $1,650 10)    Almaty, KZ – $3,350

Australia, New Zealand, UAE, Singapore, Russia, Mauritius, New Caledonia, Algeria, Libya, Fiji, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Chile, Peru, Mexico, Kuwait, Egypt, Thailand, Trinidad, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Norway, EU, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan, Ecuador, Argentina, Uruguay and many more.

Car Export America, LLC

Mailing address: 1400 S Ocean Drive, Suite # 308, Hollywood, FL 33019, U.S.A. Container loading facility: 2778 NW 29 Terrace, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311 Skype: igorstjutins Tel: (US) +1 (US) +1 (786) 908-3715 (9:00 am – 5:00 pm U.S. Eastern Time) info@carexportamerica.com   Our agent in ALL Australian ports: DAZMAC INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS MARINE LOGISTICS AUTOMOTIVE LOGISTICS 11 Edward Street Turrella NSW 2205 Office:  (US) +1 (786) 908-3715 Direct: (US) +1 (786) 908-3715Daryl McIntyre (Managing Director) Direct: (US) +1 (786) 908-3715Otis Cooper (Operations manager) Email: imports@dazmac.com Email: daryl@dazmac.com Email: otis@dazmac.com Web:  www.dazmac.com.au

Import to countryHS commodity codeMFN duty rateSales taxAdditional duties & taxesCountry specific import restrictions
Antigua And Barbuda8703.22.9045%15%•  Customs service tax (CST) (10% CIF)   
Argentina8703.22.90900K35%21%•  Statistical fee (0.5% CIF)   
Aruba8703.22.9230%No sales tax  
Australia8703.22.90805%10% •  Import Processing Charge (AU$50.00) •  Luxury Car Tax (33% * (10 / 11) * (CIFD + GST – 60316))   
Azerbaijan8703.22.10990% + US$0.40 per cm318%  
Bahrain8703.22.905%No sales tax  
Bangladesh8703.22.1125%15%•  Supplementary Duty (SD) (45% CIFD) •  Regulatory Duty (RD) (4% (CIFD + Supplementary Duty (SD))) •  AIT(Advance Income Tax) (5% CIFD)   
Barbados8703.22.9045%17.5%•  Entry Processing Fee (Bds$10.00 charge on all imports)   
Belarus8703.22.909825%, subject to minimum of €0.50 per cm320%  
Belize8703.22.9045%12.5%•  Environmental Levy (2% CIF)   
Bermuda8703.22.775%No sales tax  
Bolivia8703.22.9090010%14.94%•  Excise (15%)   
Bosnia And Herzegovina8703.22.900015%17%•  Customs record keeping charge (1% CIF)   
Brazil8703.22.9035%Depends on province•  Airport fee (50% (Storage fee + Handling fee)) •  Storage fee (1% CIFD) •  Handling fee (US$0.015 per KG) •  Declaration fee (BRL185.00) •  IPI (43% CIFD) •  PIS PASEP COFINS tax ((15.19% (CIF * (1 + ICMS%) * (Duty% + IPI% * (1 + Duty%)))) / (0.9075 * (1 – ICMS%)))   
Brunei Darussalam8703.22.19900%No sales tax•  Excise (20%)   
Burundi8703.22.9025%18%•  Administrative Licence Fee (0.5% CIF) •  Security Tax (1.15% CIF)   
Cambodia8703.22.1935%10%•  Special tax   
Canada8703.22.00206.1%Depends on province•  Excise (CA$50.00 per piece)   
Canary Islands8703.22.900010%9.5%  
Cayman Islands8703.20.4042%No sales tax•  Environmental tax ($1000.00 per pcs)   
Chile8703.22.996%19%•  Classification Charge (1% CIF)   
Costa Rica8703.22.69930%13%•  Consumption tax (78% CIFD) •  Law 6946 (National Emergency Law) (1% CIFD) •  GE (Vat on estimated earnings) (25% (CIFD + Consumption tax + Law 6946 (National Emergency Law) + IFAM))   
Czech Republic8703.22.900010%21%  
Dominica8703.22.9045%15%•  Customs service charge (3% CIF)   
Dominican Republic8703.22.9920%18%  
Ecuador8703.22.909040%12%•  FodInfa (Children development fund) (0.5% CIF) •  ICE (Consumption Tax) (35% CIFD)   
El Salvador8703.22.6925%13%  
French Guiana8703.22.900010%No sales tax•  Sea excise – French Guiana (20.5% CIF) •  Regional sea excise – French Guiana (2.5% CIF)   
Gibraltar8703.22.91025%No sales tax  
Grenada8703.22.9045%15%•  Customs service charge (CSC) (5% CIF)   
Guadeloupe8703.22.900010%8.5%•  Sea excise – Guadeloupe (7% CIF) •  Regional sea excise – Guadeloupe (2.5% CIF)   
Guernsey8703.22.900010%No sales tax  
Honduras8703.22.69005%15%•  Excise (10%)   
Hong Kong8703.22.400%No sales tax  
India8703.22.91125%No sales tax•  Landing charges (1% CIF) •  Countervailing duty (24% (CIFD + Landing charges)) •  CESS (3% (Duty + CEX (Education & Higher Education CESS) + Countervailing duty)) •  Additional Countervailing Duty (4% (CIFD + Landing charges + Countervailing duty + CESS + CEX (Education & Higher Education CESS)))   
Indonesia8703.22.191050%10%•  STLG (30% CIFD) •  Income tax (15% CIFD)   
Isle of Man8703.22.900010%20%  
Israel8703.22.907%17%•  Import port fee (US$50.31 Import port fee if weight more 50 kg per shipment)   
Jamaica8703.22.9045%16.5%•  Standard compliance fee (SCF) (0.3% CIF) •  Environmental levy (0.5% CIF)   
Japan8703.22.0000%8%•  LVS (5%)   
Kazakhstan8703.22.909825%, subject to minimum of €0.50 per cm312%  
Kenya8703.22.9025%16%•  Excise (20%) •  Import Declaration Fee (2.25% CIF)   
Kuwait8703.22.905%No sales tax  
Lao People’s Democratic Republic8703.22.1940%10%  
Lebanon8703.22.905%10%•  Excise (45%)   
Liechtenstein8703.22.000% + CHF12.00 per 100 kg8%  
Macau8703.22.000%No sales tax  
Malaysia8703.22.94230%6%•  Excise (60%)   
Martinique8703.22.900010%8.5%•  Sea excise – Martinique (7% CIF) •  Regional sea excise – Martinique (2.5% CIF)   
Mayotte8703.22.900010%No sales tax•  Sea excise – Mayotte (2.5% CIF) •  Regional sea excise – Mayotte (7% CIF)   
Mexico8703.22.0120%16%•  DTA (0.8% CIFD)   
Montserrat8703.22.9045%No sales tax  
Morocco8703.22.880017.5%20%•  Parafiscal tax (0.25% CIF)   
Myanmar8703.22.190030%No sales tax  
New Zealand8703.22.1009K10%15%•  Import entry transaction fee (NZ$49.24)   
Nicaragua8703.22.690010%15%•  Excise (10%)   
Norway8703.22.090%25%•  Other import fee (NOK566.84 per g + NOK385.00 per pcs)   
Oman8703.22.905%No sales tax  
Panama8703.22.290%7%•  ISC (Consumption tax) (12% CIFD)   
Peru8703.22.90906%16%•  Excise (0%) •  Additional fee (0% CIFD) •  Municipal tax (2% (CIFD + Excise + Tariff surcharge))   
Puerto Rico8703.22.00002.5%12.5%  
Qatar8703.22.905%No sales tax  
Reunion8703.22.900010%8.5%•  Sea excise – Reunion (15.5% CIF) •  Regional sea excise – Reunion (2.5% CIF)   
Russian Federation8703.22.909825%, subject to minimum of €0.50 per cm318%•  Excise (RUR214.00 per hp)   
Rwanda8703.22.9025%18%•  Withholding tax (5% CIF)   
Saint Kitts And Nevis8703.22.9045%17%  
Saint Lucia8703.22.9045%15%•  Service charge (6% CIF)   
Saint Martin8703.22.90000%No sales tax  
Saint Vincent And The Grenadines8703.22.9045%15%•  Customs service charge (5% CIF)   
San Marino8703.22.900010%No sales tax  
Saudi Arabia8703.22.905%No sales tax  
Singapore8703.22.190%7%•  Excise (20%)   
South Africa8703.22.90725%14%  
South Korea8703.22.80008%10%•  Education tax (30% (Special consumption tax, or Liquor tax, or Interior tax, whichever is applicable)) •  Special tax for rural development (10% Special consumption tax) •  Special consumption tax (5% CIFD)   
Sri Lanka8703.22.8930%15%•  Excise (160%, subject to maximum of Rs 2000.0000 per cm3) •  PAL (Ports and Airport Levy) (5% CIF)   
Suriname8703.22.9045%10%•  Consent law (1.5% CIF) •  Statistics law (0.5% CIF)   
Switzerland8703.22.000% + CHF12.00 per 100 kg8%  
Taiwan (ROC)17.5%5%•  Commodity tax (25% CIFD) •  Trade promotion fee (0.04% CIF)   
Trinidad And Tobago8703.22.9045%12.5%  
Turkey8703.22.10100010%18%•  Special consumption tax (45% CIFD)   
Turks And Caicos Islands8703.21.20%No sales tax  
Uganda8703.22.9025%18%•  Withholding tax (6% CIF)   
Ukraine8703.22.903010%20%•  Excise (€1.63 per cm3)   
United Arab Emirates8703.22.905%No sales tax  
United Kingdom8703.22.900010%20%  
United States8703.22.00002.5%Depends on state•  Merchandise Processing Fee   
Uruguay8703.22.900023%22%•  Consular fee (2% CIF)   
Vietnam8703.22.1970%10%•  Special sales tax (50)   Information provided by Car Export America

* Listings information provided by Craigslist