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Import Duty on Cars to Cameroon

The average tariff on vehicles, such as cars, trucks, motorcycles, as well as non-motor vehicles in Cameroon is 19.5333%, according to the 2011 WTO data.

Regulatory Framework

Control of the identification Imported Used  Vehicles (CIVIO) was implemented by the Government of the Republic of Cameroon and Société Générale de Surveillance SA (SGS) , following a rider to the contract between the two parties , signed September 2, 2002 and applied since 17 February 2003 . Through this text, the state mandates the SGS to establish an identification at  the arrival of used vehicles system ( categories B, C, D, E as defined by the Highway Traffic Act) at the port of Douala. The Minister then camped the regulatory formalities. Ministerial Instruction No. 03/008/CF/MINFI/DD of 06 January 2003 establishing a procedure for the identification and evaluation of imported used vehicles specific clearance procedures induced by the implementation of this program , including the landing formalities , formalities to SGS , the formalities to Customs formalities removal , and various provisions, including the execution of motorcycles and mopeds (class A) category vehicles B specially equipped for handicapped driving (class F), agricultural tractors, construction equipment or commercial vehicles (category G).

Debarkation Formalities

– Unloading of the vehicle from the vessel by stevedores

– Apposition by SGS of a ticket with a serial number

– Pre vehicle identification (17 characters)

– Entry of the vehicle in the Car park

THE SGS Formalities

SGS Unit of “Le Guichet Unique”
Opening of the clearance folder: Application is submitted by the user on presentation of the original of the import declaration , grey card, the unique identifier ( Taxpayer Identification Number )
Regulation SGS contribution to the identification (certified check or cash) against receipt ” acknowledgment “.

Provision of documents SGS

– Withdrawal by the user of the identification card
-Transmission to the customs by the SGS attestation secure clearance and a copy of the identification card.

Antenna identification SGS (Car Park)

– Physical identification of the vehicle with workshop card
– Survey required to identify and customs valuation characteristics
– Taking four (04) car photos with a digital camera

CUSTOMS Formalities
– Customs declaration
– Presentation by the importer of record identification and other documents for customs clearance
– Presentation of the liquidation bulletin http://www.logistiqueconseil.org/Fiches/Transit/Droits-et-taxes.pdf
– Presentation of the warrant to remove ( BAE )
– Signature of secure  certificate clearance

Removal Formalities

Exit of vehicles is carried out under the only responsibility of the stevedore on presentation of:

– The remove agreement
– The receipt of payment of customs duties and taxes
– Attestation secure clearance
– SGS ticket affixed to the vehicle


Excluded from identification  control categories below :
– Category A: motorcycles and mopeds ;
– Category F: category B vehicle specially designed for disabled use
– Category G: agricultural tractors , construction equipment and industrial vehicles
Shall remain and reported, all previous provisions including Article 9 of the Circular No. 001172/MINEFI/CAB of 15 May 1995 on exemption from monitoring the imports of used vehicles.

The SGS database will be available to all competent customs units to be used as a reference when evaluating imported vehicles


This notice issued by Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS ) specifies the dock control procedure for identification and evaluation clearance of imported used vehicles in Cameroon by sea to the port of Douala.

SGS Cell of “Guichet Unique”

Deposit of import folder of the vehicle includes:
– The request of the identification card
– The original grey card + a photocopy
– Le “Connaissement Original” + photocopy
– Card + a photocopy of the taxpayer
– Freight bill + a photocopy

Payment of benefit

– Contribution to the issuance of an identification sheet 25,000 FCFA
– Giving a receipt acknowledgment
– Return of the original documents to the importer

Withdrawal of the secure identification sheet

– Two working days after the filing of the identification sheet provided with a receipt for the folder

Customs Cell  of ‘’Guichet Unique”

Treatment of the case by the customs inspector on the base:

-The import declaration
– The secure identification card
– The original gray card
– The freight invoice (if applicable)
– Original bill of lading
Issue of Bulletin of liquidation (signature file)

Payment of customs duties and taxes (FEICOM/TRESOR)

Issue of the Remove Agreement (BAE)

Withdrawal of secure clearance testimony

Car Park

Removal of vehicle presentation:
– Remove agreement
– Attestation secure clearance
– Payment receipt
– SGS sticker affixed to the vehicle

Case of New Vehicles

The procedure for clearance of new vehicles is defined as follows:

• Establishing at the SGS, of an import declaration required for all goods whose FOB value is greater than one million CFA francs
• Send SGS an AVI
• Establishment of a model statement D03
• Deposit of the declaration in the main office of Douala Port 7 to competent customs clearance vehicles
• Payment of fees at the bank or Customs office
• Removal of the goods