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Home » What does your car say about you?

Blog: What does your car say about you?

By Admin | October 28, 2014

Usually, we associate a certain type of car with a certain type of person, but can we really know who is behind the wheel? Our perception regarding affordable cars consists in the advertising done for that lovely car and on the main group of people who drives it.

Researchers from University of California (UC) help us understand better how does your car match your personality and your lifestyle.

Small cars

Those who drive small cars are very aware and active in protecting the environment. They also prefer living in a city with a high density of cars. This is not something surprising, considering that, in a big city, is much easier to drive and (especially) to park a smaller car. And, if you’re interested in protecting the environment you are more prone to buy a small car with low consumption. For those who drive a small car, it’s essential that the vehicle fill their needs and they focus on practicability.

Medium cars

Researchers say that those who like driving a medium car are pragmatic individuals, in quest of a good balance between cost and car performances. They are pretty conservative and cautious people.

Luxury cars

Those who love to drive luxury cars are mainly men in their 30s. They are usually very passionate about their job and they love showing off their acquisitions.

Sport cars

People who drive sport cars are true adventure lovers. They are mostly young, they love speed and they’re always on the run.


The study reveals that minivan drivers are calm individuals that love their family life. They love travelling by car and they usually enjoy a stable, safe, quiet life.


SUVs drivers are mainly some avid travellers, who also love adventure.

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